Sunday, December 28, 2014

My New Adventure

A new adventure!   My first blog post!  

It's been a very busy Christmas season, for everyone, I'm sure...  A special time, spent with family and friends. New memories made, old traditions revisited...  

I was able to get in a few holiday manicures. sure put out a nice box in December! The red was simply drop-dead-gorgeous... and for me to say that, it just has to be, as I am not a fan of red... I could wear this one for a long time though, especially with the SWEATER STAMP!! The name of this color is; Joulupukin Pajakyla. 


This is nice and festive... Using Sinful Colors Nail Polish "Snow Me White", dotted with Sinful Colors "Garden Party" and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry "Red-io Active" ...


I used two Pixie Dusts from Zoya ... red is "Chyna" and green is "Chita" The beautiful gold holo is from Liquid Sky Lacquer "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year". 


I love the texture polishes!  This time it's OPI Liquid Sand, "It's Frosty Outside", a perfect Christmas tinsel silver, to that I added a thin coat of Chaos & Crocodiles "Night Vision" a pretty green holo. My red is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry "Red-io Active". I did leave my thumb nail the original silver from OPI! I could wear this for a long time... Can't.Stop.Staring!


Christmas Manicure with Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" - Green stamp is Sinful Colors "Garden Party". Red stamp is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry "Red-io Active" and gold is by Zoya "Goldie".  

After I did this manicure, I went upstairs and staring at me was my tablecloth!
I hadn't realized that I had copied the pattern!

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  1. I try to post a comment but no luck so far

  2. ha ! there it is ! NOW tell us more about your adventure with stamping

    1. Stamping is a challenge!!! Still practicing and practicing!

  3. Thanx! haha It'll probably go no where real fast, but thought I'd put it out there anyway! haha

    1. You'll probs love it once you get a rhythm going. Not gonna' lie; sometimes it can be a drag. I think you'll slay! Look at all the FB followers you have....they'll come along for the ride. I'm jealous of your page management skillz.

  4. Wow, i love your stamping - looks fab! ☺ I still need to get to that point, i'm quite a newbie in this field!

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